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In the exhibition Diptych: Grey and Black, Tracy Steepy and Lori Talcott explore two bodies of work based on the historic reference of the diptych. 

(Greek, diptychos: folded in two, from di- + ptychē fold)


The framework of a diptych establishes that two things exist in one place, not as something separated or binary, but as the actual space between. The mediation of this space not only allows for the viewer or the wearer to stand at the "opening" between both sides but also within the piece itself.  The format of the diptych prompts not only comparison, but also connection and separation. The experience of the diptych in the form of jewelry, together with the physicality of the materials and the unfolding of the forms, cultivates the personal and allows for a space of intimacy.  


“It is we who are the middle of the diptych.” - Alfred Acres

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