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Homeopathic Objects draws on the theory of sympathetic magic, the belief in an indelible tether that binds people, places, and objects across time and distance, and similia similibus curentur, “like cures like” – that the illness is contained in the cure. Stemming from the Latin homeo, “same,” and pathos, “to suffer, feel emotion,” the word homeopathic evokes the associative mode of thinking – meaning made through metaphor and similarities – that anchors this work. Made as remedies for participants who confided in me their “ailments,” these brooches were made from an apothecary of materials. They are physical incantations – curative and reparative, as well as protective. Historically and cross-culturally, systems of magic have been practiced for the purpose of affecting the future, controlling the forces of nature, and protecting the wearer from physical or metaphysical harm. While my work descends from this genealogy, it is less about attempting to command supernatural entities and more about the capacity of material metaphors to affect the body of the wearer.

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